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F@ck it I want off!

This world is fucked, I want off, please! I need a wormhole or someone to give my family and I a lift to the next habitable planet nearest our galaxy. I'll live with a planet full of chicken people at this point, fack I'd settle for a planet full of scrotum resembling naked mole-rat people FFS, it's got to be better than all the primate-like behavior happening worldwide right now. It's genuinely disheartening, and almost a complete and total loss of any remaining faith I retained for humanity.

When are people going to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors and those hero's and trailblazers who made the greatest of mistakes and paid the ultimate cost so we don't have to today? I'll say this again, because I've said it about twenty times now in differing conversations but I’ll rehash it once more for those who missed it those other times and I'll not mention it again; Preface: I was anti-establishment long before being anti-government was cool, I was a critical thinker long before it was a catchphrase and was often called a conspiracy theorist by those same people who now choose to use words like “Snowflake”, “Karen”, and “Sheep” to attack one's character if their beliefs differ or don’t follow the accepted narrative they hold close. I have been “AWAKE” a long fucking time folks, a long time, I need no awakening, my eyes have been wide open for decades. I’ve seen corruption and an abuse of power from an early age, and understand much more intimately than most, the desires of bad men wishing to gain power and abuse it.

So here’s the re-hash, firstly, no it's not right…….. but the governments of the world have been using war, famine, disease, general turmoil, and societal divide to push agendas, not otherwise passable in times without extenuating circumstances, for literally tens of centuries. This is done so the public eye is too preoccupied by thoughts of war, hunger, relationships, and personal safety to even consider the governments of this world capable of unthinkable acts against the future of ones own country and planet. And worst of all..... It happens behind the veiled privacy of any traumatic world event that’s conveniently current and at hand. Redirection, avoidance and misinformation are all used as tools to knit a blanket of deceit and lies to hide behind. It's a systematic dismantling by design, a breakdown that often leads to the loss of the fundamental attributes of human rights and dignities that keep us a step above our ape counterparts. Governments have been using this bait, confuse, and separate tactic for eons to hide truths that would never be acceptable to their constituents otherwise. From ancient China or Roman times, all the way back to the Sumerians, it’s been the same, and will always be the same, as long as we as formed societies continue to give power to those we elect. Those same power hungry men and women, that we the people choose to elect, abuse this gift of power ignoring the fundamental principles of democracy and overstepping the allotted boundaries of their civilian duties. How do you prevent this abuse of power from happening without a lawless and anarchic planet as a result? Funked a Rhino, if you have the answer to this, please, let the world know. It’s not right, and civilians have risen up against less tyrannical governments than our own, and for a lot less than what is being hidden in plain sight with our Canadian government. The Emergencies act was revoked, but look at what aspects of that act didn’t leave the table in parliament. “THEY” can now use part of the act as a “TOOL” as a preventative deterrent for any future unruly gatherings of protest. In every briefing I’ve seen, the representatives state that “THEY” decided, and that “THEY” feel that it’s required. “THEY” who? Who is this BORG mind they speak of? I didn’t get a say as to how these new laws are instituted or how it’s all sorted out politically. And who decides what a “TOOL” is defined as, and whether these “TOOLS” are just allowing an overstepping of power in guise of national security? It’s a razor thin and very precarious line to walk on folks.

This world is very much on the verge of war, THE WORLD folks, not just a feud by neighboring countries, a fucking WORLD WAR.

That’s fucking scary! Lets not loose focus on what matters most, direct energies and emotions towards the deserving parties and start to ask the questions that need answering if this country is to go forward in a positive manner. Start trusting one another again and begin to rebuild the blocks of our Canadian pride one piece at a time. Because right now Governments are getting away with Tyranny, family, friends and countrymen are feuding over governmental regulations, our economy is destroyed, the housing market artificially inflated by an unregulated investment industry, the cost of living increasing exponentially, and the gap between the poor and wealthy getting ever wider. We have people in our own country living without clean water, one of the fundamental rights of human life, yet we can’t get along long enough to address and fix this simple issue. Are you fucking kidding me! This world is fucked, I want off!

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