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Thinking too much about us stardust.

I believe it time that we as the human race begin to embrace a more simple life once again. I believe we need to once again become a more “Self Sufficient” race, not reliant on external input, and forgo the need to live in excess for a more sustainable future. I believe that there is indeed a balance that has been tipped, and I fear it's only a matter of time before we see these balance shifts affect our planet and its inhabitants negatively. I believe we need to reconnect with the land, and its life-giving embrace, and become more aware of what truly sustains us as a species. I believe we need to become more grounded and aware once again, without giving up our advancements, instead using those advancements to bring us closer together as a species. I believe we are capable of being a superior race, but to accomplish this, many societal flaws have to be addressed and dealt with before we as intelligent apes are able to move forward and make this a better world. I believe we need to start to value human contact again, we need to reconnect once more, with the fundamental building blocks of human kinship in mind, and that starts with creating relationships through contact. I believe that we all need to become aware of any detrimental impact we are having on our own well-being, but even more aware of how we effect our neighbors with our behaviors. I believe we have chosen to forget that we were once a grounded and very humble population. A population that still respected its neighbors and hadn't yet lost the emotional and physical connections it had with our neighboring hoomans. We've pushed away these connections, replacing them with Social media connections, likes, views, and comments, forgetting that it's a human necessity and psychological prerequisite to need and desire human interaction... if only to maintain a healthy mind. I believe we've forgotten that equality starts with you, and as it's taught in many of the world's “Good Books” although in a differing vernacular “Do unto others as you would wish to be done unto you”. A solid foundation in which to build your character, and in doing so you will find the world will have a lot more balance. I believe we need to forget about what's happening in other people's houses, and start to look within our own 4 walls to see what needs fixing there first, long before we can form an opinion on what's happening with the Joneses.

I believe a lot of things, but what I don't believe is that we as a caring, compassionate, loving and empathetic species, would allow our planet and its inhabitants to suffer because of the simple minds of a few powerful men. Men too filled with hate and grade-school reasoning, hell-bent on spoiling our future, that they fail to see the wrongs in which they wrap their rights into. I believe if greed, economic disparity, and the dividing line between classes doesn't start to disappear, we will certainly fail in our ability to sustain this planet and our races future. I believe we are in for a very, very long and arduous few years, filled with economic turmoil on a large scale worldwide, that will only affect those who struggle daily to survive from day to day already. I believe that the people in power around this planet certainly wouldn't give a flying fairy fart about you or your household if it meant they had to sacrifice anything themselves, you can put that in the fucking bank! I believe we need to heal, all of us, because right now there are far too many of us walking around broken, just waiting to fall to pieces, wishing there was someone else who understood, that they could talk to, and maybe repair some of their damage within. We need to embrace the simple life again... some old hippies once said: “We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden”

Never in our history has this ever been so true.

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